12 September 2017

Make a next step and develop your career with us

As part of the next step in our growth, we are looking for people who are interested in running a class to either teach a skill or to offer advice on a particular subject or topic.  These classes will be non-physical and can be run from our business hub either during the day or in an evening.

  • We can offer you help with marketing and developing your class to achieve a level of success.
  • We are looking for any of the following: #slimming #diet advice #network marketing #craft #dress making #flower arranging  #photography  #computer and it skills

Please, drop us a n email or give us a call...


We are looking for small organisation or consultants that would like to run presentations, workshops or their own businesses from our Business Hub. Maybe you are Beautician and would like to offer some treatment…or therapist that looking for a small space few times a week.

Give us a call and we will prepare offer tailored to your needs.