06 September 2017

Party packages - all hassle free!

We are offering Birthday Party Packages with: 

  • Cha Char Chimps    (0-5 years old)
  • Ride on Time            (0-5 years old)
  • Exposure Sport      (Primary school children)

all hassle free for only £215    

  • Every Party for up to 15 children                                                           
  • Full entertainment                                                                         
  • Food supplied                                                                                   
  • Decorations                                                                                       
  • Party goodies!                                                                                  

Party packages …how that works…

  1. A member of Waddesdon hall will arrive to prepare the food once the party has started.
  2. You can access the hall half an hour before to prepare for your party
  3. The entertainment will arrive at the start of the party and will run for around 90 mins.

Parents are responsible for coordinating with the entertainer and planning any layout of tables and chairs in the hall. Waddesdon Hall staff will arrive once the party has commenced to start preparing the food which will be ready for when the entertainment is finished.

We need to request that parents set up the food table and chairs from the furniture store and to assist with serving any food as required.

  1. Parents are also responsible for all child care and control during the party.
  2. Just clarify the components of the party, we will provide the following:
  • A catered menu which will consist of chicken nuggets, sausage rolls, jam and cheese sandwiches, crisps, cocktail sausages, fairy cakes, biscuits and as much cordial as they can consume
  • Tablecloth and serviettes
  • Colourful plastic plates and cups
  • A party box which will contain basic decorations such as a banner and a selection of balloons, the box will be available when you arrive and please feel free to use anything from it.
  1. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any of the following:
  • Additional hall decorations
  • Additional Table decorations
  • A Cake
  • Party bags
  1. At the end of your party, Hall staff will be on site and will clear away the food table and wash up, we request that parents, clear any furniture back to the storage, remove any decorations from the hall and clear any rubbish to the bins provided.


Please, contact us if you have any questions…happy to help!